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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's your motif?

Every wedding is unique. What makes it more different from every other is the personal touch and the theme you put in it. You might not even think of it as a theme nor motif just something your heart desires that special day would be. Well I'm definitely speaking from the point of view of a bride. I'll take some time in the future to take the groom's side on this matter.

So let's talk about deciding on your own wedding theme. For the next couple of days I will be discussing on the different types of themes and what goes on with such motif. Let's start with my favorite theme (hoping I can have the same on my own wedding day! - Ed.), ladies and.... well ladies, the Grecian Wedding

Greek weddings are unique and specific with their traditions. It is very symbolic and is proud with its ancient traditions but well balanced by the end of the celebration with a non-stop dancing action on the dance floor.

But if you're no Greek but still adores the beauty of it you can always have a Greek-themed wedding. No need to follow the ceremony or traditions, instead you can always put a Grecian touch from your invitations to your gowns and everything in between. Here are some of my personal picks for some Grecian inspired wedding.

Invitation: Usually has a touch of blue, which signifies a lot of things such as the color of the flag, the color of the clear crystal water of the seas of Greece.

Wedding Cakes: Significant columns reminds me so much of those ancient Greece structures which is famous for the country.

Flowers, Altar and the ride: When you say Grecian its all about classic. And nothing is more classic than having white in your motif, such as the flowers and decors. And check out the ride!

The famous Kourabiedes as give aways


Wedding Gowns: When you Greece you're instantly reminded of Goddesses and all those light and gowns that just flows and sways with the wind.


So what do you think of Grecian-inspired wedding? 


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